I would like to apologize for taking a brief break from this wonderful new website that we recently created. (Here’s the home link if your a first time user) We were recently traveling for business and then I figured I should take a few days off from the world to catch my breath and relax.. But a wonderful thing happened this past weekend! Boom! Age of Ultron dropped and let me tell you what! It was awesome! It was a friends sons birthday, so we decided it would be nice to treat him and a couple of his friends like a couple of little rock stars.

First we would just like to give a huge shout out to the kind and friendly staff over at www.limosantarosa.org for helping us over the weekend! Thanks, our friends and family really appreciated how special you helped the little guy feel, we will be giving recommendations to family and friends for sure! ;) I told you I would give you a shout out!

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Today I am coming at you and dropping some knowledge on you fools and I hope everyone has been fantastic over the last several weeks, as I have been on a brief hiatus from the world lately. I have been focusing and tending to my business and things have been very crazy at the moment. Tons of things to talk about and not enough time to make it to my computer in order to post some articles along with everyone else on the web. So how has everyone been lately? How was July? Within the last month we have made some killer moves but we continue to pursue our dreams, you know how crazy things can be for sure. Well I just want to talk about the nasty carpet that was in our house and the company that came out to clean it. The guys were super chill and once again, when I get services from a company, I generally give them a shout out on my Facebook page or I include them in an article that I write somewhere on the web. So last week we called the guys over at carpetcleaningsantarosa-ca.com to come out and service our entire home. First off, when we gave them a call, they were super ecstatic to answer all of our questions and they were more than super excited to find out how they could assist us.

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Today I am going to describe to everyone my take on what the Crossfit Games are. If anyone is familiar, then they will know that the Crossfit Games has originated some years ago around 2008 in what is known as the ranch in California. Here on this ranch, Crossfit methodology was put to the test in order to push the mental will and capacity of those that have been training as Crossfit athletes. Crossfit is basically an entire fitness regimen that attempts to train every aspect of fitness. When Crossfit was first designed, it set out to create the most well rounded athletes possible on the planet. They typically do not specialize in any aspect of fitness. These athletes may train in swimming, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, power lifting, rowing, running, kettle bells, and just about any other item they can put into their regimen. Typically the workouts vary between heavy lifting days, mono-structural cardio days, heavy metabolic conditioning days, body weight and functional movement days, gymnastics days, long metabolic conditioning days, short rep workouts, and even long rep workouts. As an athlete progresses throughout Crossfit, a training program will attempt to fill in all the areas of fitness allowing the athlete to be as well rounded as possible. However, if an athlete spends to much time focusing on one activity, the athlete can become specialized in an area of fitness and completely lag in another area and the sole purpose of the Crossfit open, regionals, and games is to find those areas of weaknesses and ensure that only the most well rounded athletes will succeed on the planet.

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So what the hell has been happening to this nation? We have assholes burning our flags…. We have people burning churches down… People going on killing sprees because they feel that black society is going to one day take over the world. Well…. you freaking asshole…. it isn’t like every other race is going to go extinct and they will strive for world supremacy. It’s okay dude!! But burning the American flag….. A symbol of our freedom and place in society… A flag that embodies hope, freedom, pride, honor, blood, sweat and tears!!! I don’t know about you… But I’m a damn American!! And I love doing American things with my American friends….


American Flag

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Whats up everyone! Today I’m going to talk to you about the specialty burger we put together last weekend at a get together we had out at my place. The burger was a well distinguished hit! A friend and I first came across the burger while driving one day, while he was looking at his instagram news feed. He came across this video that showed a bunch of bacon, some hamburger meat, some cheese, and a small bowl. At first, your kinda thinking to yourself?? What the hell is going on here? then you’re instantly blown away as you watch the little 15 second clip that changes your life and what you think about hamburger!! Or should I say cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped burgers that are full of love and tenderness!! Here is a quick photo for all of you followers out there!


Bacon Wrapped Burger

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Bada Bing, Bada Boom! How has everyone been? Today were going to be speaking about a true American!!! None other than good old Texas bad ass Chris Kyle. Have any of you seen the movie? It was absolutely stunning in theaters and recently I had the pleasure of buying the movie and enjoying it with a bottle of tequila! It was mighty epic from start to finish. Clint Eastwood is just a total bad ass and his delivery served a forward purpose throughout the movie. In my opinion, Clint never made Chris seem like a mindless killer. He showed him with a purpose and a man that just wanted to save his troops lives.

Chris Kyle

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So today I’m going to give my spill on a breakfast idea that some friends and I tried out last weekend. First off, is anyone familiar with the paleo diet?! The paleo diet may not be for everyone, but it is a very healthy alternative for someone who is looking to cut out all processed foods. The entire concept is supposed to be something like “eat how your ancestors ate, and perform like them as well.” Well on the performance side, I think its a load of crap. Who the hell ate a trillion grams of protein and lifted weights 6 days a week a few thousand years ago? Oh wait…. thats right! No one! So get that shit out of here! But it does and can go hand in hand with someone that is looking to clean up their blood work results. Also some Olympic Lifters in the Crossfit community have noticed increased metabolic capacity by eating raw foods, clean dieting, and staying away from all the nasty junk you can find in the center isles of your corner grocery store.

Now I’m not saying that everything that is in the middle is bad, but I’m just covering my basis here. So lets begin with this awesome breakfast we ate last weekend. We wanted to make a breakfast scramble and I will describe to you one of the best things you can make.

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So whats up everyone….. Ryan here and I’m finally back again to drop some knowledge on you fools’ heads again!! The last time I posted I talked about my favorite Olympic Lift, the snatch and squatting. If you missed that article you can click on this link (HERE) and read all about it! Okay, now that we had a brief discussion about what to expect and what you may have or may have not missed. I’m going to get into the description of a front squat.

(Photo Courtesy of: Crossfit)


The picture to the left is what the setup of a front squat should and typically wold look like if the participating person is often affiliated with some type of Olympic Lifting background. In order to rack the bar high on the shoulders in this position takes a high degree of mobility and flexibility. Some tension typically originates from the triceps, rear delts, and lattimus muscles in the upper portion of the body. You begin by grabbing the bar knuckles up while standing facing the bar. Place the bar on your shoulders by bringing your elbows directly under the bar and facing forward onto the opposite side. You can now balance the bar with your fingers and elbows.

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So today I’m coming right back at you with more knowledge! Another one of them fitness related post! Kaboom! Yesterday I decided to post about what we did this past weekend on our friend and family adventure and today I have decided to return to my roots this week and explain to you what it is we love to do when we either aren’t online creating beautiful web content. Well by now you can possibly tell that we love a few things.

First and foremost……. Food! Who doesn’t love to eat the most delicious meals day in and day out.

2nd….. Fitness…… Because hey, that’s what were all about! Eating like a champion and then working out like a freaking viking!

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So first we decided to make these ourselves…. So were going to first list the ingredients and then we will describe how to make the burgers! Be prepared for deliciousness!!

2 lbs of Grass Fed Angus Ground Beef

Everything after this is seasoned to preference!

Tony Chacheries Creole Seasoning

Smoked Paprika

Onion Powder

Garlic Powder

Worcester Sauce

Take ground beef and put it into a large bowl, then season the meat with all the ingredients. Make sure your hands are clean, then mix the seasoning into the beef. Be prepared because your hands will turn this reddish orange color from the paprika that is in the meat.

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